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  • Yitzy Travis

    Yitzy Travis
    Executive Director

    “I have a lot of ‘favorite parts’ in this job, but by far the most thrilling part of being a member of the Hope Center team is getting to see people overcome such tremendous obstacles and become vital members of society again.” And that’s just like Yitzy - a soft-spoken man who never refers to himself as the leader of the team, but as a member of the team. “This is a fascinating place and seeing so many people reach their recovery goals instills in all of us so much hope for the future”.     


    When he’s not here at Hope Center (he commutes on a very large, very loud motorcycle) he can be found pursuing any number of random hobbies: knitting and crocheting, reading novels (thrillers, please), working out at the gym and tinkering with a variety of repair projects.  Oh yes, he’s a big fan of Poi, which is a Polynesian performance art. Rumor has it he may perform at the next Hope Center talent show. If his performance there is anything like his outstanding performance as our Executive Director, our residents are in for a real treat.

  • Cheral Beadle, RN

    Cheral Beadle, RN
    Director of Nursing

    Being the Director of Nursing here is like being a small town doctor. You know everyone in terms of their medical conditions, but more important you know everyone as a person, as a friend, as a neighbor. That’s what I love about it here. That and my terrific staff.

  • Anna Golat

    Anna Golat
    Director of Residential Services

    Anna wears a lot of hats. And she wears all of them well. “As Director of Residential Services, I have the opportunity touch so many areas of life here, from coynseling to care to lifestyle to education, and more. But my real passion is helping our residents who are dealing with substance abuse. If there is one thing that we can do for a resident that will have a lifelong impact on their health and well-being, it’s helping them to get clean and stay clean.” Everyone here knows that Anna seems to effortlessly walk the line between being a non-nonsense Director and your best friend all at the same time. And we think that’s the real secret to her success.

  • Maxine Baxter

    Maxine Baxter
    Director of Social Services

    “I’m a real family person, and that’s what makes working at Hope Center so special for me. Because it gives me a whole second family. At one home are the love of my life and three beautiful children, and at the other is the job of my life, and 65 people that I think of as my ‘other’ children. And the staff?  Brothers and sisters, of course.” At Centers Health Care, we have a guiding principal for selecting social worker: when we find one who sounds like this, we hang on tight to them. Because Maxine’s family is exactly how we feel about our Centers family. When you visit us at Hope Center, look around for Maxine, and say hello. She’ll be the one completely surrounded by family.

  • Jovan Horne

    Jovan Horne
    Social Services Case Worker

    Jovan see to the particular needs of each Hope Center resident while they’re in residence, as well as after they leave. Working with the Hope Center’s robust housing and after-care programs, Jovan helps our residents transition to their new lives after they leave Hope Center, and helps ensure that the progress each of them has made while living with us continues long after they leave.