The CHC Continuum

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Nursing Homes

We provide long- and short-term skilled nursing care as well as in-patient rehabilitation for post-surgical, cardiac and stroke patients at 26 facilities throughout New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

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Short-Term Rehabilitation

Centers Health Care is a leader among skilled nursing facilities in providing a higher than normal level of complex medical care so that hospital patients can be discharged more quickly into a facility that offers hospital-level care as well as in-residence physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as well as other protocols designed to improve a patients chances of achieving a full and complete recovery.

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Home Health Care

No matter how hard they try, hospitals and nursing homes can never replace your own home environment. Centers Health Care is committed to keeping people in their own home for as long as possible.

In many cases we can provide the care and equipment you need right in your own home though Centers Home Care, one of the largest home health care provider in the New York City area and beyond.

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Assisted Living

For some people, a skilled nursing facility is more than they need, yet they do require some daily assistance, and benefit from the collegial, social atmosphere of group living. Centers offers two levels of assisted living, through its Daughters of Jacob Assisted Living Program, a brand new residence in New York City, and our Washington County facility which boasts an adjacent 28-suite Adult Home with private residences that enjoy full access to the resources of the entire facility.

To learn more about our Daughters of Jacob Assisted Living Program, click here, and to read about our Washington Center Adult Home, click here.

Adult Day Care

Centers Health Care has Adult Day Health Care facilities in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Rockland and at our Washington Center in Argyle, NY. We provide transportation, meals, activities and medical monitoring in a social setting five days a week.
From one day a week to seven, we can provide a break for a care-giver at home who needs time to attend to other matters and we can offer respite from the loneliness of the elderly who live by themselves, unable to get out and about.
Our courtesy transportation van will pick up members at their door and return them home safely in the afternoon.
While here, each member is medically supervised. Any doctor authorized therapy is provided by our renowned team of experts, and in between, members enjoy two hot meals, organized activities, and the camaraderie of good friends.

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Managed Care

Too many elderly and disadvantaged people suffer needlessly because they are unable to obtain the right care in the right place. Centers Plan for Healthy Living oversees the care process for those who are Medicare/Medicaid eligible and ensures that you get all of the services you are entitled to. We have helped thousands, and can help you, too.

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Medical Supplies

Centers Medical Supply provides durable medical equipment and disposable supplies to tens of thousands of home care customers each year. We provide everything needed from setting up a hospital style bedroom at home and making traditional bathrooms more handicap-friendly, to lift chairs and mobility equipment. In addition, we deliver disposable home care items right to your door, such as oxygen supplies, diabetic supplies, and much more.

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Urgent Care

Centers Urgent Care provides walk-in emergency medical treatment seven days week from 9 AM until 9PM. Waiting in an emergency room for hours, or waiting days to get an appointment with the family doctor, are equally unacceptable when you find yourself needing medical treatment. From broken bones and sprains, coughs and colds, complex medical diagnoses and lab testing, we provide it all.

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Care Management

Centers Care Management is a full service healthcare management company specializing in helping clients to balance effectiveness with cost efficiency. We work with hospitals, commercial insurers and others who bear financial risk. By providing these partners with technologically advanced services and interventions that help them better manage chronic diseases and the health of the populations they serve, we are able to bring about improved outcomes in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

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Centers Health Care is committed to meeting the health care needs of its own residents and those in the surrounding communities we serve as completely as possible. We own two state-of-the-art renal dialysis centers that operate 6 days a week, 20 hours a day to meet the schedule preference of our patients, and we accept outside patients as well as our own residents. We also offer independently owned and operated dialysis services on the premises of several facilities.

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Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

Centers Health Care is leading the entire industry in defining how we take care of our elderly suffering with Alzheimer's and other dementias. We created the Awakened at CentersTM program expressly to meet the needs of this special population.

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Many nursing homes can provide care to those suffering from HIV/AIDS. But at Centers, we go beyond simple medical care for these patients. Our Hope Center is a skilled nursing facility that accepts ONLY those with an AIDS diagnosis. Here, as in our other facilities, this population receives the dignified, specialized care they require in a warm accepting environment, along with the social care and substance abuse counseling that often accompanies this diagnosis.

Click here to learn more about the Hope Center, and for those in need of Adult Day Care geared especially to HIV/AIDS sufferers, click here.


Centers Business Office is a consulting and support services provider to the Nursing Home industry. We offer complete financial management, specific project consulting, and departmental assignments such as expert billing and collections, purchasing, staffing and more. Centers Business Office can improve the financial efficiency and service of virtually any facility or group of facilities regardless of size. Harness the power of our expertise to increase operate more efficiently and more effectively. Click here to Learn More about how the Centers Business Office can help your facility thrive..

Ventilator Care

For individuals requiring mechanical ventilation as a result of injury, surgery, chronic disease, or other respiratory complications, Centers Health Care offers three state-of-the-art dedicated vent units at facilities in the Bronx, Rockland, and Staten Island. Individuals on ventilators are closely monitored by both respiratory therapists and the nursing care team 24-hours a day to ensure superior airway management. By providing specialized nursing and medical intervention as needed, we are able to assist residents in reaching their highest level of independent function.

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Neuro-Behavioral and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Centers Health Care operates one of the finest and largest units in the region dedicated to patients who are recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries or suffering with other Neuro-psychological illnesses. Led by Dianne Schwartz, the renowned TBI program administrator, our Neuro-Psychological unit located on the campus of our Richmond Center is making great strides in helping patients transition from critical hospital care, through TBI recovery and ultimately returning to a full independent life.

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