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  • Denise Marciano

    Denise Marciano
    Executive Director

    Denise was the result of a thorough search that included more than thirty of the best facility administrators in the state. Our own. After investing in renovations throughout the facility, recruiting the best Director of Nursing in Buffalo, and introducing a whole new protocol to deliver the finest ongoing training in every area, we needed just the right person to tie it all together – someone who knew exactly how Centers Health Care goes about creating a 4-Star facility. And where better to find one than right here. Denise has a degree in Health Care Administration, more than ten years of experience, and was most recently at one of our facilities in the Finger Lakes region. She knows all the ins and outs of managing a health care facility.  But her real passion is clinical care. “Waterfront Center is small, with just 160 residents, so I can impact the success of our community in an administrative role and I’m still able to make a difference in the clinical care, too. I get the best of both worlds here, and that's perfect for me.” And it’s pretty perfect for our resident’s, too.

  • Dawn LaMagna, RN

    Dawn LaMagna, RN
    Director of Nursing

    When she was asked to join the team at Waterfront, Dawn had to give it some serious thought. That’s because she was already the Director of Nursing at Steuben Center, one of the Centers facilites in the Finger Lakes Region. “At first I was unsure because I love being at Steuben. But as on as I walked into Waterfront and met the staff, everything changed.” And the staff and administration at Waterfront said the exact same thing when Dawn arrived.  Everything changed. “I just love working in long-term care. It gives you a chance to make a positive impact on so many lives, and that’s why I got into nursing in the first place; to be a positive force for people’s good health, their lifestyle, and the peace of mind of their families.  I guess that’s why I’m still happily doing it after 23 years!” Dawn’s spirit and dedication to the elderly population, along with her experience and extreme professional approach makes her the perfect fit for Waterfront. Everyone agrees on that!  

  • Ricky Hunjan, DPT

    Ricky Hunjan, DPT
    Director of Therapy

    After growing up in Rochester and earning his Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Buffalo, Ricky went in search of the perfect opportunity. After managing an outpatient clinic in New Jersey for several years, he realized that the perfect opportunity was a lot closer to home. In fact, it was right here in Buffalo, at Waterfront Center. Ricky and his wife moved back to Buffalo and he has been setting a tone of success in our therapy suite ever since. “I love interacting with residents. Being at Centers gives me the chance to manage the department and influence the way we treat all of our residents, but I still get plenty of opportunities every day to give the hands on therapy that attracted me to this profession in the first place. That’s the biggest thrill of working here”. Which is pretty high praise coming from a man whose outside interests include some other pretty thrilling things -- like white water rafting and sky diving!

  • Carrier Guyer-Woodward, LMSW

    Carrier Guyer-Woodward, LMSW
    Director of Social Services

    Sometimes things come full circle in a great way. And Carrie joining the Waterfront team (again) was one of those times. “I was here at Waterfront for five years, until the opportunity to become Centers’ regional director of social work came up in 2013. I loved what I was doing and thought I could do so much more in a regional capacity. But there’s just something about being part of the family in a facility that I really missed.” And the family at Waterfront really missed Carrie. So when the chance to get her back came up, no one hesitated. A graduate of Potsdam and the State University at Albany, Carrie holds a Master’s Degree in social work and a pretty good batting average, too. (She’s an avid softball player, among other pursuits.) “I’m thrilled to be here. We’re a close knit family and if I can assist even one person make the aging process to easy, if I can be their shoulder to lean on that's what it is all about for me. And I’m so excited about all the positive growth that I see at Waterfront." We’re excited, too Carrie, because you’re a big part of that positive growth.