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Who we are

Centers Health Care is the largest family of skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers in the northeast. Within the Centers Health Care family are more than 30 facilities, ranging from as few as 50 residents to as many as 500. Six of our facilities and our headquarters are located right here in the Bronx.

Centers Health Care began in 1996 with a single nursing home in the Bronx, NY. The facility was struggling to survive and its 75 residents were in danger of losing their home when Centers’ founder Kenny Rozenberg acquired it with the goal of turning it all around. Since then, dozens more facilities have been added to the Centers Health Care family, many of them facilities that were struggling to survive and whose residents were at genuine risk of losing their homes. In all of those cases, the Centers Health Care turnaround was successful.

Today, Centers Health Care employs more than 12,000 people and we have more than 5,500 long and short term residents under our care. And we still have our original home in the Bronx, Williamsbridge Manor, which we are proud to say is one of our 5-Star Bronx facilites.

Centers Health Care is changing the way we meet the health care needs of the elderly and those rehabilitating from surgery, stroke or other event. Through enlightened management we’re exchanging the old “Let’s make do” attitude with a new philosophy - “Let’s make new”. Centers Health Care is unique in its attitude of investment and performance, which has improved the lives of thousands of residents.