4 Little Ways Seniors Can Save Their Backs from Pain

September 6, 2016
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Back pain is one of the most common afflictions we will ever face in our lives. In fact, back pain is so common in America that approximately one in four adults will have at least one day of back pain in any three-month period. Most instances aren’t serious and the back pain will go away naturally. But there are very simple things seniors can do to avoid the back pain altogether. Here are 4 simple things seniors can do to minimize back pain:

1)   Take breaks from sitting down - Sitting down for a prolonged period of time has been referred to as the new smoking for a while now, and for good reason. Not only is sitting down linked to many serious health ailments like heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, but it should be no surprise that it’s bad for your back. Sitting down for long periods relaxes your glutes too much and puts pressure on your disks. So at least every 15 minutes or so, stand up, and stretch your back to alleviate that pressure.

2)   Lift properly – There’s a reason why the phrase “lift with your legs, not your back is so common.” If you’re bending over using your hips to lift something heavy, you are putting way more stress on your back than necessary. Use the rest of your body to balance that extra weight by bending with your knees so that you’re engaging your legs and not your back as your legs are better equipped to help you lift. 

3)   Walk – Walking is one of the best you can do to keep your back healthy. It can help reverse the damage from sitting down and reduce pressure on your spine. Walking can also strengthen your hip muscles and it can help stabilize your back and spine.

4)   Relax – When we feel stressed out, we carry that tension in our back and shoulders. We will go over relaxation techniques in more detail in a later post, but some rest and relaxation can do wonders to relieve that tension thus soothing your back pain.

 At Centers Health Care, we pride ourselves in keeping our senior residents active, happy, and healthy, as back pain is the least of their worries. Learn more about our facilities and rehabilitation services at http://www.centershealthcare.com/locations.



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