4 Nursing Home Myths You Need to Stop Believing

December 23, 2016

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “nursing home?” Whatever pops in your head is probably a myth, and these are the five most common myths that simply are not true: 

Myth 1: Residents of a nursing home never go home – This is probably one of the most common myths about nursing homes. Many people may think that nursing homes want to keep as many people as possible to get more money, which is simply not true. The primary goal of a skilled nursing facility is rehabilitation. Many residents are actually discharged to their homes or other independent facility arrangements.

Myth 2: A skilled nursing facility is like a hospital – Nursing homes are not hospitals. They do have similarities as nursing homes have some doctors and nursing personnel on staff. But nursing homes do not have the equipment or staff to perform advanced medical procedures. As stated before, the primary goal of a skilled nursing facility is rehabilitation; everyone there strives to get their residents back to full health and happiness. An excellent skilled nursing facility strives to keep re-hospitalization rates very low 

Myth 3: Nursing home residents do not receive adequate care – This is another very common myth that nursing home residents are neglected. While there have been instances of nursing home residents getting abused or inadequate care, they are the exception not the rule. Each state has inspectors that closely monitor the quality of care given in every facility. Medicare has a star rating system in place, which is a very rigorous grading system that makes every facility work as hard as they can to rise up the ranks. It’s in the facility’s very best interest to provide the best possible care not just for their residents, but also for the state. If a facility continuously provides poor care, then it would get shut down.

Myth 4: Nursing home residents are isolated – This myth might have stemmed from how memory care residents are treated. For those that suffer from severe cognitive decline from dementia or Alzheimer’s, psychiatric disorders, or neurological illnesses, they live in separate units from other residents. Residents like these men and women require a different level of care and could be a very real danger to themselves and others. 

Nursing homes don’t get a very good reputation. Type in “nursing home” in a search bar and chances are that you’ll find unfavorable stories. Homes in disarray, lawsuits, elder abuse, and dying patients make for hard-hitting and attention-grabbing stories. This is a real shame as it overshadows a lot of positivity and heartwarming moments that DO take place in nursing homes. At Centers Health Care, we pour our blood, sweat, and tears into giving our residents the very best in care. We do become attached to our residents and they become more than just patients; they are our family. Learn more about what we do and schedule a tour at centershealthcare.com/locations

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