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5 Huge Reasons Why Sitting Down For Hours is Dangerous

February 7, 2017

In case you haven’t seen any of the articles put out by The Huffington Post, Mayo Clinic, and CNN to name a few, sitting down for too long is literally killing you. Those of us that sit down for hours at a time is inflicting serious harm to our bodies, and we most likely will never notice any negative side effects of prolonged sitting. Skeptics may think that “I’m just sitting down, it’s not like I’m binge drinking or engaging in a dangerous hobby like snake wrestling.” That’s what makes sitting down even more dangerous than it already is: nobody will feel the lethal effects right away. Sitting down is a lot like smoking; cigarettes don’t wreak havoc on your body overnight but when it does, the consequences are potentially fatal. What are the exact consequences of sitting down for too long? 

  1. Poor posture. If you’re at a desk, watching TV, or playing a video game, you have a compulsion to lean forward.  You’re engrossed in whatever is on the screen, so your body’s natural response is to lean in with interest. Needless to say, this position throws your spine out of alignment and can lead to lower back pain. Leaning forward also means that you’re adding tension to your neck and shoulders, leading to neck pain as well.
  2. Potbelly. You want to lose that pesky belly fat protruding past your pants? Sitting down for hours at a time is one of the LAST things you should be doing. Your abs are not being engaged at all when you sit and slouch. Standing, moving around, or even just sitting up straight activates those abdominal muscles to keep you upright.
  3. Stiff hips. Prolonged periods of sitting leads to rigid and inflexible hips. Limber hip flexors are important for maintaining balance and walking with longer, stronger strides. Stiff hips could lead to decreased mobility and a greater chance of falling for the elderly.
  4. Bad blood in your legs. Leaving your legs idle mean that your blood circulation has slowed down. This causes fluid to accumulate, which can lead to swollen ankles, varicose veins, or blood clots.
  5. Weak bones. The old saying “use it or lose it” is very true for your bones. Doing regular physical activity, whether it’s walking for a few minutes each hour or exercising a couple of times a week, tells your body that your bones need to be fortified. If all you do is sit around, then you’re telling your body you don’t need strong bones thus leading to gradual atrophy.


Sitting around weakens your body and has a multitude of adverse health effects. Take a break from the computer from time to time, sit up straight, and walk around to stay healthy.

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