5 Reasons Why Your Loved One Needs Memory Care

December 2, 2016

Forgetfulness, combativeness, confusion, and paranoia…the signs are there and impossible to ignore. Your aging parent is experiencing a cognitive decline, hitting you with a whirlwind of emotions and questions. The biggest dilemma you’d invariably face is treatment. How can you tell if your loved one needs advanced treatment, the kind that can only be found in a facility? These are the five telltale signs:


1)   Prone to wandering – It’s one thing if your aging parent is not “all there.” But if they go here or there without reason or letting anyone know, that’s a big red flag. Severe memory loss might mean that your aging parent went “back in time” as they try to make sense of their surroundings, so they might go exploring, which of course leaves them vulnerable.

2)   Frequent falling – Cognitive decline also entails impairment in motor functions. As you age, your muscles as well as your coordination deteriorate, making it hard to keep balance. A facility has the appropriate measures in place to prevent falls.

3)   Aggressive behavior – You won’t be the only one that feels helpless. Your aging parent could also feel his or her brain losing its sharpness, but they may not be able to express their feelings of helplessness and despair properly. If they start to become increasingly hostile, it’s best to defer to professional help like in a facility.

4)   Sundown syndrome – Sundown syndrome refers to the episodes of agitation and confusion those afflicted with dementia or cognitive decline, which usually occurs at night. Hallucinations, delusions, or loud outbursts occur during these episodes. Sometimes, you can defuse these situations by playing some music, putting some mood lighting in place, or just talking it out. But if you are unable to calm your loved one when he or she is experiencing these episodes, it may be time to explore other resources.

5)   No other resource – Our lives can be very hectic. If you’re juggling work, school, children, finances, etc., taking care of an aging parent going through any kind of cognitive decline is beyond stressful, ESPECIALLY if there is no other resource available to you. If you are unable to get extra help, whether it’s from another family member or caregiver, a facility would be a good option to consider.

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