How to Make the Most Out of Visiting Relatives at a Nursing Home

September 19, 2016
Make the most out of the time you spend with your loved ones

If you live at a nursing home, you probably don’t get to see your family as often as you’d like. Your adult children are incredibly busy with their own lives and their grandchildren need to focus on school, work, or a combination of the two.

If your elderly parent lives in a nursing home, sometimes it’s challenging to find the time to visit, especially if your parent lives in a faraway facility. So when the stars align and your family is able to carve out some time to come together, it’s important to make that time count.

Here are some ways families can bond when they visit an elderly relative in a nursing home:

1)   Play games – playing games are great mental exercises for seniors. Whether it’s a card game or even a video game, gameplay helps keep a senior brain active and healthy. Gameplay engages the brain to think outside of the box for different ways to achieve an objective, and it’s also fun for everyone!

2)   Share memorabilia – It’s always nice to take a walk down memory lane. So the next time your family visits an elderly relative at a nursing home, bring along photo albums, old keepsakes, or just your phone if it already has pictures or video of treasured memories. And of course, your elderly relative, especially a grandparent, would want to know all about what their precious grandchild is up to these days.

3)   Do a craft project – Make a new memory with your family by making something special. A perfect example would be a scrapbook, packed with photos and nostalgic knick-knacks like medals, keys, etc. These kinds of hands-on craft projects are excellent ways to express creatively and involve everyone into making a treasured keepsake for precious memories.

At Centers Health Care, families are always welcome to bond at our facilities; the door is always open. Our event calendars are jam-packed everyday with activities for our residents; there’s never a dull moment at any of our facilities. Learn more at

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