How You Can Live Up to 100

November 7, 2016

For centuries, humans have been pursuing longevity. In humanity’s quest to find fountains of youth and miracle elixirs, the medical community was able to make breakthroughs in treating ailments and prescribing healthy behavior. And every single strive we have made in our efforts to live longer, more fulfilling lives have paid off. More and more people in recent years have hit the triple digit ages. What is it about them that keeps them living for so long? The common trends we have seen from some of our residents that have celebrated their 100+ birthdays recently is that they: 

1)   Maintain a positive attitude: Our centenarians always find something to smile about. They have very happy lives and they’ve lived alongside their family, and that positivity helps keep them young.

2)   Eating well: When celebrating their birthdays, our centenarians indulged in big slices of cake. But otherwise, they’re eating well-balanced diets. Food rich in omega-3 fatty acids and low in cholesterol keep the brain active and the heart healthy. The phrase “you are who you eat” has never been more appropriate in this scenario. And if you eat unhealthy foods high in cholesterol regularly without exercise or eating anything healthy likes vegetables and protein, you put yourself at risk of heart disease, memory loss, or Alzheimer’s. We go over some of the warning signs of malnutrition in another post.

3)   Staying social: A long happy life is a life surrounded by loved ones. Our centenarians keep in close contact with their children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren; those bright, shining smiles are infectious! They also have made friends with neighbors, fellow residents, and our caregivers in our facilities.

4)   Sunscreen: Wrinkles naturally come with age, but too much time in the sun will accelerate wrinkle formation or even worse, can cause skin cancer. Our centenarians stay cool during super sunny days and they always put on sunscreen when they go out.


At Centers Health Care, we’ve celebrated a lot of birthdays in our facilities recently. Check out Marion’s birthday celebration at Northern Manor, Mercedes’ celebration at Triboro Center, and Corine’s celebration at Holliswood. Many more are coming and we’ll be ready with cake, music, laughter, and lots of fun! 

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