Mount Laurel Didn't Chicken Out with Rosebud the Therapy Hen

October 12, 2016

As featured in the Courier Post

 Several kinds of animals have been used for therapeutic purposes. There have been several instances of dogs, cats, even ducks and horses. In fact, our facilities in Deptford, Hammonton, and Mount Laurel recently had an adorable visitor from Duncan, the miniature therapy horse. Hopefully Duncan doesn’t get jealous, as there’s another animal from the farm that have made it into the hearts of our residents at Mount Laurel.

 Meet Rosebud the Therapy Hen

 Rosebud the Therapy Hen

(And before anyone jumps to any conclusions, no we did not eat Rosebud.)

Rosebud and her handler, Gwenne Baile, were kind enough to visit Mount Laurel and showed us that there’s way more to chickens than meets the eye. All of our residents enjoyed playing with Rosebud, some of them even cuddling close with her like she was a dog or cat.  

Alicia with Rose

Rosebud will be coming back to visit soon, we’re looking forward to seeing her!

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