Shopping for a Nursing Home – Part 4

January 7, 2016

Eating and sleeping are important parts of every day, and dining can be a very social time, so spend some time in the dining room. Is it the room dedicated to meals or does it serve multiple purpose? A dedicated dining room is sometimes more homey, and it adds variety to be eating in an area that is apart from where many of the day’s activities take place.

Probably most important, however, is the food itself! Ask the other residents you’ll meet how they find the food. You’ll always get an honest answer about food! (And it’s a great conversation starter to break the ice as you tour a facility.) Try and speak to the chef or the dietician and ask about the ingredients they use in their cooking. Are they fresh? Does the chef make-up his or her own menu each day or is it provided to them? What sort of choices are typically available? If you’re a snacker, is there a place to get a cup of coffee or tea during the day, or a soft drink and a cookie? Most facilities will be happy to share the menu for the week with you so you can get an idea of what to expect.

Of course, don’t forget to ask about how meals are served. Are the meals served buffet style? Are the plates waiting when diners arrive, or does a member of staff take each person’s order when they arrive in the dining room? Are meals served on actual plates or on plastic steam plates/trays? And what is the dining style? Small tables, larger group tables, or a combination of the two? Of course, there’s no right answer to these questions. Any style of dining is fine, as long as it’s the style that suits you. After all, it’s your home. If you’d like to download our Choosing the Right Facility checklist, click here.

Join us next week for Part 5 of Shopping for a Nursing Home, where we’ll discuss what to look for when it comes to daily life and activities.

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