The Deadly Reality of Loneliness and How to Prevent It

August 4, 2017

Staying healthy isn’t as easy as eating an apple or periodically walking up a flight of stairs. While those actions can help, they’re still only parts of living a healthy lifestyle. Many studies have shown that having a healthy lifestyle is more than just eating healthy or exercise. One of the major aspects of a healthy lifestyle is as simple as reaching out to another person.

Feeling lonely is one of the most painful emotions a person can experience. Prolonged loneliness can actually lead to a weakened immune system, higher blood pressure, and an increased chance of developing both Alzheimer's and dementia. In fact, chronic loneliness can be so harmful that some experts believe it’s as damaging to the human body as smoking or obesity. 

Knowing the negative effects of loneliness is important, but understanding why is just as crucial. It’s believed that the reason loneliness is so damaging is because emotions are the lenses in which we view and understand the world around us. Humans are naturally social beings and it’s through our social interactions that we derive our personal sense of purpose and belonging. Spending prolonged periods of time alone not only robs us of emotional connections, but also warps our perception of the world. This is why we here at Centers Health Care make sure that all of our residents constantly have something new to do! We take pride in creating a wonderful, loving, and connected community that helps every single resident live their lives to the fullest!

But how can someone that does not reside at any of our facilities overcome loneliness? Here are three simple ways to help you avoid chronic loneliness.

1. Reach out and help others - Volunteer at a local animal shelter or even help a friend with a task. This will not only make you feel more productive but it’s also a great way to develop new relationships or strengthen existing ones.

2. Find group activities that interest you - We all have special interests and hobbies, so why not pursue them with others who share your passion? This is not only a great way to do the things you love, but it also helps you meet new potential friends.

3. Create a routine - Plan out your day! Creating a routine helps you accomplish various daily tasks, but also gives you a sense of purpose and direction.

Overcoming loneliness will not happen overnight but know that you are not alone in your battle! Support is there for you, whether it's in the form of a loved one or online resource. You don't have to be lonely! 




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