"We Are All Special" - A Poem by Washington Center's Employee of the Month

March 1, 2017

As a person who cares for you, you became a person who cares for me. 

In everything I can do for you, you help me to see – 

We are all special. 

As you settle into your new way of life, 

I continue to live in the usual of mine, 

But, I do realize, it’s a matter of time that my life, too, could become anew. 

You show me courage and strength, and laughter. 

I know that’s not easy for you to do. 

But, in life, we need much of these, and, Love, to get us through. 

I hope there are those who care, 

I hope there will be someone there, 

To help me when I am in need. 

When I can no longer be on my own, 

I will remember all of you, 

That I am honored to know, 

And, I’ll remember: you helped me to grow into a person as loving as you. 

One who loves and cares, 

And, gives and shares 

Your life, your heart, your smile, your soul. 

Thank you to all residents for sharing your life with me 

and making me feel I can be as special as you. 

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