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  • David Greenberg, LNHA

    David Greenberg, LNHA

    David is an incredibly skilled and passionate Administrator who exemplifies everything we stand for at Centers Health Care. He is a mentor and role model to all of our administrators and to his entire staff. David’s unbending focus on his residents well-being and comfort has helped to create the wonderful environment here are at Boro Park Center. With David, it’s never “Can we do this for our residents?” It’s always, “How will we make this happen for our residents?” Staff, residents, family and co-workers all look to David for his leadership, guidance and compassion. Is it any wonder the Boro Park Center is one of the most sought-after facilities in the city? We think not.

  • Jeff Grzybowski

    Jeff Grzybowski
    Director of Rehabilitation

    Jeff joined the Boro Park Center family in 2012 and made an immediate impact. Helping to design the new physical therapy unit here was an early assignment, and his leadership was critical in creating a therapy department that is focused on all aspects of helping people return to full independence. Jeff has built a department that truly connects with every resident. His team speaks more than a dozen languages and dialects, and they seamlessly weave together physical, occupational and speech therapy so that our patients experience the fullest return to independence possible. And before anyone leaves they spend enough time in our ADL suite to master the Activities of Daily Living that they’ll need to function at home. Jeff’s team has the expertise, and his leadership keeps the passion for success burning in all of them. Thanks to Jeff’s leadership, the Boro Park Center has an outstanding record of success.

  • Kathy Song

    Kathy Song
    Admissions Director

    Welcome home” is one of the first things new residents hear from Kathy whether they’ve already applied or not! That’s just her way. “A person’s home is a special place, and that’s what Boro Park is. Special. I love to welcome people here, and to see the looks on their faces when I take them on a tour and they see how beautiful our facility is, how much the other residents are enjoying themselves, and how well we reflect the communities we serve.” When you arrive at Boro Park Center for the first time, ask for Kathy. And be prepared for a tour of something very unexpected.