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In 1997, the Bruckner Nursing Home became the second skilled nursing facility to join the Centers Health care family and today is known as the Bronx Center for Rehabilitation ad Healthcare

It’s also known for a lot more. Like the exotic birds and tortoises in the lobby, the magnificent butterfly collection that adorns the walls, and the tropical salt-water fish gracefully swimming in huge tanks. Like the Bronx Center, these have been around for many years, but the rest of the facility is very different from what it was in 1997.

The pride of a Centers Healthcare Facility is its physical therapy and that all began at the Bronx Center where we created a large, dedicated therapy suite for our physical, occupational and speech therapy needs. Resident rooms and common areas were tackled next, with residents being placed in single or double rooms, and the elimination of any multi-bedded rooms. A first class activities team and a day room for them to operate in was constructed, and as our residents’ lifestyles began to improve, so did our outcomes in other areas. More recently, we reconfigured a large on our main floor and built a state of the art dialysis facility so that our patients requiring renal dialysis would have the convenience of receiving treatment right here, and not having to travel to an outside facility. And today, the history of the Bronx Center is still being written, as we expand our dialysis center to twenty stations.

We’re expanding our fleet of custom outfitted vans to aid in the transportation of residents to outside medical appointments or on scheduled outings, and picking up resident’s family members who have no other way to get here for a visit. Each year, we find new ways to underscore our commitment to our residents and to the community we serve, and we look forward to continuing our growth well in to the future.