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  • Sol Blumenfeld, LNHA

    Sol Blumenfeld, LNHA

    Sol is a skillful administrator with an outstanding ability to connect with his residents. A walk through the Halls of the Brooklyn Center with Sol means stopping frequently to greet people by name and ask “How ‘ya doing today “. Sol’s emphasis on personal connections with our residents extends throughout the building to every single staff member. “We’re a small facility, just like our residents who all came from small homes with big families. We need to like each other in order to make this place fun”. And it’s obvious to any visitor that the residents and staff at the Brooklyn Center like each other, a lot.

  • Dorret Williams, RN

    Dorret Williams, RN
    Director of Nursing

    “I was born a nurse” is a phrase you might hear from almost anyone on the Brooklyn Center’s nursing team. That’s the kind of group that Dorret has put together. A Registered Nurse for 34 years, Dorret earned her nursing degree from the College of New Rochelle and went immediately into elder care. “I just love taking care of old people. They’re all so sweet”, she says. No wonder her team, her residents, and their families all love to see her in the building.

  • Maria Enriquez, PT

    Maria Enriquez, PT
    Director of Rehabilitation

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell what makes Maria such a great leader in the Rehab suite. Some say it’s her energy, others her in-depth knowledge of all things related to therapy and recovery, some say it’s her bubbly personality. We think it’s that she has the perfect combination of all three. And she’s a well-organized team leader and mentor too. “I love to make a difference and there’s no place like therapy to see that coming to life. Every day I see my residents come in and they are a little stronger, a little more nimble, a little more confident. It’s great to see how much we can help people, especially when they come in here not sure of how successful their therapy will be. But I tell them all, “It will be successful” and that positive attitude starts them off on the road to a great outcome.