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The Bushwick Center was brought into the Centers Health Care family in 2008.

The facility was originally a religious home and dated back more than 75 years. In the middle of an underserved community and struggling to survive, the facility was in need of rescue, which is exactly what Centers Health Care did. After investing several million dollars in our first few years, we were able to boast a fully renovated facility, with charming rooms and comfortable common areas surrounding a manicured lawn and enclosed courtyard. We added an adult day health care facility adjacent to the nursing home and a fleet of custom outfitted vans to aid in the transportation of day care members, carrying residents to outside medical appointments or on scheduled outings, and picking up resident’s family members who have no other way to get here for a visit. Our renovated Physical Therapy unit has become a model for other homes, and our most recent addition, a state of the art renal dialysis unit, underscores our ongoing commitment to the residents of the Bushwick Center and the surrounding community we serve.