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  • Gabriel Aguero, RN

    Gabriel Aguero, RN
    Director of Nursing

    “Where else can you get so much satisfaction from your work? This doesn’t even seem like work to me”. That’s the attitude that Gabriel brings to Trinity Center every day, so it’s little wonder that our members and their families all feel so comfortable knowing Gabriel is in charge. “We take care of everyone, we make sure their physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met each and every day. And we make sure they enjoy every day of their lives with us”. When he isn’t making a difference in the lives of our program participants, Gabriel is probably practicing yoga or spending time with the love of his life, his daughter Emma. If you’re interested in seeing Trinity Center, make sure you meet Gabriel when you visit. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Amelia Mcwean, LNHA

    Amelia Mcwean, LNHA

    Amelia, a native Texan, is one of the first people you’ll meet when you come to Trinity Center for a visit or as a new member. “I love meeting new people almost as much I love all of the members we have here. Helping them sort out all kinds of issues is easy for me, but what I really like is meeting their family members and helping them. Sometimes I’m able to help them work out a scheduling problem or an insurance problem and along the way I learn more about the background of our participants. That helps me find new ways to make their lives easier. Sometimes I can even figure out what help they’ll need next before they ask me.” Sorting out issues and coming up with solutions before they become problems – that’s Amelia. Is it any wonder she’s so popular here?

  • Miguel Cheque

    Miguel Cheque
    Director of Therapy

    Everyone loves Miguel. He’s one of those holistic healers that understands the need to treat the whole person, not just one specific injury. On any given day he may be found setting people up on various exercise machines, helping others through a series of hands-on range-of-motion stretches, or massaging sore backs. Is it any wonder that therapy is always one of every resident’s favorite part of the day?

  • Richard Osario

    Richard Osario
    Director of Recreation

    Richard has a great job. He’ll be the first to tell you that he gets paid to have fun, and to make sure everyone around him is having fun, too. And the fact is, he is great at having fun! Richard heads the Recreation Department for Centers Health Care’s Adult Day Health Care program. It’s his job to know what people like to do and to see that they get to do it. Often. Born and raised in Queens, Richard earned his degree in Art Therapy from Long Island University and has been working in the adult care world for ten years. “I’ve been having fun for ten years, but there’s a serious side to what I do, too. I love to use the science of recreation to engage people and to enhance their lives, to see how recreation keeps them sharp, focused, and often how it can be used to help people recover from strokes, cardiac incidents, surgeries and other medical conditions. Trips, games, crafts, they all serve a very high purpose in our program.” But for most of our residents, it all comes down to having a great time each and every day they spend here. And we have Richard to thank for that.

  • Elizabeth Marquez Torres, LSW
    Director of Social Services

    Elizabeth knows what she’s doing. With 25 years of work experience in Human Services, and after raising three wonderful sons, she now looks after our Trinity family, seeing to the social and spiritual needs of everyone who comes through our door, members and their families alike. Elizabeth is also an ordained minister whose missionary work has taken her to Central and South America, and back to her native Puerto Rico. A graduate of Adelphi University, you may be lucky enough to get her to read some of the poetry she’s written. But if not, just seeing the way she cares for everyone at Trinity is poetry in motion.