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  • Angie Harrison, LNHA

    Angie Harrison, LNHA

    Angie’s story is special.  She is a newly-minted Nursing Home Administrator, but probably has more experience than most seasoned veterans.  We should know; she got that experience at Centers Health Care.  In fact, she began her career in nursing homes right here at this facility, way back in 1998.  She has worked with some of our strongest administrators, as a recreation staff member, a department head, an assistant administrator, and most recently as an administrator in one of our Buffalo homes. “It took a while, but it was worth the effort. I love working with the elderly; elder care has been my entire professional life, and now I have the chance to make an even bigger impact. It is an honor and a privilege to be back to where I started.”

    Sometimes the best way to get a really great administrator is to find someone who has the heart, and teach them everything else.  And we think you’ll agree that we found a great one in Angie. 

  • Beth Beecher, RN

    Beth Beecher, RN
    Director of Nursing

    “The only thing I love more than being a nurse, is being a nurse at Corning Center.” That’s the kind of director Beth is. Someone who is passionate about their work, about their staff and about the people we care for here.  Beth knows everyone, and more important, everyone knows her. And there’s no doubt about who runs the nursing department at Corning! “If you’re going to take good care of people, you need a good organization, and that’s exactly what we have here. Caring people who are dedicated to the people we care for. That’s what we’d all want, and that’s what we make sure our residents get.”  No wonder the residents here and their families are all so thankful that we have her.

  • Anthony Just, PT

    Anthony Just, PT
    Director of Therapy

    Anthony oversees two of the finest therapy facilities in western New York. Anthony leads the therapy team here at Corning as well as the team at the nearby Steuben Center. And he is making both facilities truly world class performers. “When I came to Centers and took over the Steuben facility, I got to see what an impact the director could have on the staff, the residents and the outcomes. We all enjoy therapy, we all work hard at it, and our residents are the winners. ” says Anthony. “So when the opportunity came along to do the same thing at Corning, I jumped at it.” And knowing Anthony, he’ll have residents jumping in no time! A life-long resident of the Finger Lakes region, his deep desire to help those in need led him to physical therapy, and the reputation of Centers Health Care led him to us. “Once I got to Centers, I knew I’d never want to work anywhere else”. Lucky for all of us!

  • Kayleigh Smith

    Kayleigh Smith
    Director of Social Services

    Kayleigh didn’t choose long term care without a lot of thought and a pretty fair amount of work history. She has worked with populations ranging from children and teenagers to octogenarians and older. “I didn’t start out with the goal of pursuing a career in long term care, but I love where my life has taken me. After four years at a skilled nursing facility in Pennsylvania and seeing first-hand how gratifying it is to be able to make such an important difference in the lives of elderly people, I knew I found my calling. And then I found Corning Center. Corning Center is exactly the type of facility I envisioned as my perfect home. And I get to work with a great team that is so resident focused. I feel I have found the perfect home.” So do we Kayleigh, so do we.