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  • Joseph Kandelman, LNHA

    Joseph Kandelman, LNHA

    Joseph Kandelman became a Nursing Home Administrator in order to brighten the lives of all nursing home residents. Administration is not only about following the many regulations and ensuring the residents are safe. It is also about giving them that “quality of life” that lets them feel human, that lets them feel valuable, validated, nurtured, and cared for. It is about when talking with a resident in a wheelchair by squatting down in order to speak with them eye-to-eye. It is about when a resident is recognized on the wall for their veteran service to our country, telling them thank you and perhaps asking them about their experience. It is about when a resident states that he is cold, going into his closet and putting on their sweater for them and asking if they feel better. Joseph deeply cares for all of the residents at Deptford Center, and that is clear from his interactions with the residents. He also has an open door policy to residents, families, and staff. If you have questions or feedback, come visit him in the Administration office.

  • Ginny Tricket, RN

    Ginny Tricket, RN
    Director of Nursing

    Each and every resident at Deptford Center is a beneficiary of Ginny’s sincerity and depth of knowledge. A registered nurse for 22 years, her expertise and unwavering dedication to excellence in care is paramount. At the Deptford Center Ginny leads a team of registered nurses, LPNs and CNAs who are all committed to providing the highest quality care to every resident. “I’ve always loved working with the elderly and I’ve been in nursing homes for most of career because of that. They’re lively, sharp, and so much fun to be around that I look forward to coming in every day”. No wonder her team, her residents, and their families all love to see her in the building.

  • Gail Tumolo, PT

    Gail Tumolo, PT
    Director of Therapy

    Gail joined the Deptford Center family in 2013 and made an immediate impact. The physical therapy unit at Deptford has always produced outstanding results and under Gail’s leadership it has thrived. Gail is now managing the renovation of the entire physical therapy suite to make it more open, allow us to accommodate more equipment, and extend the use of the therapy gym to more residents, more frequently. “Having a brand new facility is going to be great, and we’re all looking forward to more equipment, but the real force behind our success are the people here. We have the most dedicated people who know their jobs inside and out. They don’t expect machines to do the rehab – they do it, working hands on with every patient. And that’s why our outcomes are so good. Thanks to Gail’s leadership, the Deptford Center boasts an outstanding record of helping its residents return to full independence.

  • Jackie Mcgeehan, LMSW

    Jackie Mcgeehan, LMSW
    Director of Social Services

    Jackie is one of the first friends our new residents make when they arrive at the Deptford Center. A graduate of Richard Stockton University, Jackie knew at a very young age that she wanted to pursue a meaningful career in Social Work. Shortly thereafter, she found the perfect place to fulfill that dream at Deptford Center. A qualified social work professional, Jackie provides support and counseling to our residents and their families and the world of Deptford Center always looks brighter behind her infectious smile.