• Elie Schiff
    Facility Administrator

    Elie joined the facility from the Centers Health Care headquarters to bring his organizational and operational expertise to our first Assisted Living Program. The smooth day-to-day operation of the facility is his daily responsibility, but if you ask him you’ll get a very different answer. ‘Make people feel at home. That’s the goal here. We never forget that this is their home, and we simply work here, so if it doesn’t work for the residents of this community, it doesn’t work for me”. No wonder he’s so popular in the hallway.

  • Addie Zubatkin
    Case Manager

    First impressions are important, and Addie usually makes the first impression here. She is the first person any new resident meets. Whether you’re taking a tour of the facility and choosing a room, working out the Medicaid paperwork or making arrangements for moving day, she has all the answers and makes everything easy. After all, as she likes to say, things should always be easy at home.

  • Sara Alcabes
    RN DPS

    Keeping up with health of our residents is everyone’s job, but Sara is the clear leader of the team. A registered nurse, her passion for care-giving has always centered on care provided in the home, which made her a perfect fit for the Daughters of Jacob Assisted Living Program. After receiving her nursing degree from the prestigious Phillips Beth Israel Nursing School and gaining clinical experience in Beth Israel, St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospitals, so began working immediately in home came. An accomplished home care provider and nurse-educator for ongoing professional development, she has brought her skills, her bubbly personality, and her infectious smile right here, where she keeps our residents happy, healthy and well cared for.