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  • Mark Lazar, LNHA

    Mark Lazar, LNHA

    Mark was the final piece of a very complicated puzzle - the transformation of Ellicott Center. Ellicott Center has seen changes in staff, infrastructure, procedures, and more. We even changed the name, but to bring it all together we needed the final piece of the puzzle; the exact right person to run it. And we knew where to turn. Mark has been part of the Centers Heath Care family for many years, and even for a brief period when another nursing home lured him away, we still felt he was “one of us”. So when the time came for just the right administrator to make all the new parts of Ellicott Center work perfectly together, we knew we had to lure him right back. 

    Once part of the family, always part of the family. Just like our residents.  Of course, in this case, we really went all the way with family; Mark’s brother Levi is the administrator of our sister facility, Buffalo Center!

  • Michele Daniels, RN

    Michele Daniels, RN
    Director of Nursing

    Michele is a recent NP graduate with 15 years LTC experience. She spent 7 years working in the facility in Nutritional Services prior to becoming a nurse and coming back as a clinical educator and moving up into the role as DON.

  • Ricky Hunjan, DPT

    Ricky Hunjan, DPT
    Director of Therapy

    After growing up in Rochester and earning his Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Buffalo, Ricky went in search of the perfect opportunity. After managing an outpatient clinic in New Jersey for several years, he realized that the perfect opportunity was a lot closer to home. In fact, it was right here in Buffalo, at Ellicott Center. Ricky and his wife moved back to Buffalo and he has been setting a tone of success in our therapy suite ever since. “I love interacting with residents. Being at Centers gives me the chance to manage the department and influence the way we treat all of our residents, but I still get plenty of opportunities every day to give the hands on therapy that attracted me to this profession in the first place. That’s the biggest thrill of working here”. Which is pretty high praise coming from a man whose outside interests include some other pretty thrilling things -- like white water rafting and sky diving!

  • Carrie Guyer-Woodward, LMSW

    Carrie Guyer-Woodward, LMSW
    Director of Social Services

    Sometimes things come full circle in a great way. And Carrie joining the Ellicott team (again) was one of those times. “I was here at Waterfront for five years, until the opportunity to become Centers’ regional director of social work came up in 2013. I loved what I was doing and thought I could do so much more in a regional capacity. But there’s just something about being part of the family in a facility that I really missed.” And the family at Ellicott really missed Carrie. So when the chance to get her back came up, no one hesitated. A graduate of Potsdam and the State University at Albany, Carrie holds a Master’s Degree in social work and a pretty good batting average, too. (She’s an avid softball player, among other pursuits.) “I’m thrilled to be here. We’re a close knit family and if I can assist even one person make the aging process to easy, if I can be their shoulder to lean on that's what it is all about for me. And I’m so excited about all the positive growth that I see at Ellicott." We’re excited, too Carrie, because you’re a big part of that positive growth.