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Health Planning for Retirement is Just as Important as Financial Planning!

March 3, 2019

A recent study shows that adults reaching the retirement age are not taking as good of care of their health as they should be, which can lead to major problems not too much further down the road.

Senior living facilities like the Hammonton Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing are committed to the physical health of our 60-and-overpopulation, and thus giving yourself an honest physical audit is as beneficial as a financial one.

Baby Boomers Can Make Health Improvements

Dr. Dana King, who is a professor and chairs the department of family medicine at West Virginia University, authored a study in 2017 that compares the health habits of retired and non-retired people around 60 to 65 years of age.

The study concluded that retired adults were more likely to be physically active than those still working, but both groups are not adhering to guidelines from the American Heart Association and other cardiovascular risk factors. Dr. King wrote that more public health attention to encouraging healthy lifestyles during the transition into retirement may be warranted.

“People do financial planning for retirement, but what about retirement health planning?” King told Kaiser Health News via NBC.

Five Ways Seniors Can Improve Physical Health

Kaiser Health went on the list its 10-step program to better health for those of retirement age. Among the highlights:

  1. Buy Quality Sneakers

Walking, jogging, and even running for some is an important method of exercise as we age. Be sure to invest in sneakers that will provide support for where you need it most.

2. Work on Balance

The risk of falling increases as we age, as does the chance for a debilitating injury due to a fall. Retaining a good sense of balance will serve you well as you get older.

3. Start the Morning Right

Eating a balanced breakfast gets the body off to a good start each day. Try to limit empty calories (sorry, doughnuts) and fuel up with fruits and protein instead.

4. Manage Stress Levels

Too much stress can negatively influence your physical health. Even if you have high stress, dealing with it properly will help. Meditation, spending time outdoors, and taking up a hobby can all help you de-stress.

5. Keep Working Out

You may not be able to lift as much as you could, but it’s still important to use and train your muscles. This includes anything from lifting dumbbells or barbells, to simply laying on the floor and getting back up.

It’s Not Too Late to Start Moving

Even if you have neglected your physical health for a number of years, it’s not too late to stop or reverse some negative trends. Start by talking to your doctor, who can help you ease into a diet and exercise plan that will allow you to better enjoy your golden years.

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