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Max Fun with Mini Dunkin at Hammonton, Deptford, and Mount Laurel Centers

September 15, 2016

We all know how dogs are used as a great pet therapy technique for both the elderly and sick. Their lovable and carefree nature make dogs the perfect companion for those that spend their lives in various hospitals and health care institutions. And while dogs’ popularity as both fantastic pets and therapy animals will not wane anytime soon, they’ve also been hogging the spotlight so to speak on other therapy animals; like miniature horses.


While the conventional horse is too big to walk through nursing homes, the miniature horse does not have that problem.  Centers Health Care has a new resident animal: this mini-horse, known as Dunkin. Dunkin has been on tour visiting Centers Health Care nursing homes and rehabilitation in upstate New York and recently southern New Jersey. Bright and sunny day at Deptford with Dunkin and company 

Not only are the residents are having a great time with Dunkin, our staff got to play with him for a little while, petting him and brightening up the room.  One minute, seniors are going to therapy or conversing with staff and other residents, and the next, Dunkin gallops in and the room is filled with smiles and laughter.  Now that’s what we call “proven therapy!” Dunkin at Hammonton

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