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  • Nick Lutzel, LNHA

    Nick Lutzel, LNHA

    Nick is just the kind of guy that a cozy place like Kingston Center needs. Nick is a little bit administrator, a little bit entertainer, a little bit teacher, a little bit mentor, but most of all, he’s a good friend and a dedicated care giver who never fails to put his residents and their needs first. “Kingston Center is the perfect fit for me. I wanted to find a place where I could get to know everyone personally, residents, family members and staff. You can really make a difference to people that way, and Kingston lets me do exactly that.” Nick has been making a difference in people’s lives ever since. When you stop in, make it a point to meet Nick. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Don Vespia, RN

    Don Vespia, RN
    Director of Nursing

    “I love being a nurse, but mostly I love being a nurse here. We’re a family, providing care to other family members. You just don’t get that kind of feeling in a hospital, or in most nursing homes for that matter.” Is it any wonder Don is our kind of nurse? He’s a care-giver first, and a director second and no one ever forgets that. Don can be found at a resident’s bedside more often than he can be found at his desk. Whether personally taking care of someone, teaching a staffer how to do something just a little bit better, or conferring with a family member, Don is a care-giver in the truest sense. And all of us – residents, staff and family members – know how fortunate we are to have him.

  • Suzanne Raposa, LSW

    Suzanne Raposa, LSW
    Director of Social Services

    One of the first people you’re likely to meet at Kingston Center is Suzanne. “I help bring new people into Kingston Center, but here that means bringing them in to family, not just the building. So very early on, I try introduce new residents around and help them get acclimated. And I introduce family members to each other, too. This is a close knit community and it's made more so when we all get to know each other. That’s the part of my job that I really love. Making the transition to a new home is exciting for everyone and when I show people around and they see the activities and the beautiful grounds here, they’re happy to be moving in. There’s nothing at all institutional about Kingston Center, and we all love that about this place.” Suzanne provides support and counseling to our residents and their families and sometime to the staff, and Kingston Center just wouldn’t be the same without her smiling face.

  • Pam Anderson

    Pam Anderson
    Director of Activities

    Pam knows the ins and outs of Kingston Center probably better than anyone. She started here as a nurse’s aide, moved to transportation, and, well, she’s done just about everything around here that needs doing. But it was when she became Activities Director that she found her true calling. “I guess I just like to have fun, and I like to see everyone around me having fun too. After all, this is home to all of our residents and if you can’t have a good time at home, then where can you?” We feel the exact same way. And so do all of the residents and staff at Kingston Center. We all love to have a good time, and the constant sound of laughter, chatter and action that comes from our activities room all day long lets everyone know that Pam is on the job.