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The history of the Martine Center as a part of the Centers Health Care family began in 2012.

The history of the Martine Center as a part of the Centers Health Care family has only just begun. But their history as part of the Westchester County health care community and their contribution to the community in particular are well known. The addition of Martine Center is the first Centers Health Care facility in Westchester Count, but it far from our first effort to serve the people of this community. For years, people from Westchester have come to our facilites in the Bronx to take advantage of Centers’ 4- and 5-Star facilites, excellent care, and our outstanding reputation for recovery, rehabilitation, and returning our residents back to their own to homes to continue their independent living. But we recognized for many of them that the trip t Bronx was a hardship and made visiting difficult, so we made the decision to bring Centers Health Care to them.

The outstanding staff and wonderful group of residents that also joined us adds immeasurably to the fabric of the Centers Health Care family.

Martine Center will bring their unique brand of compassionate care and impressive resident and family satisfaction ratings to us along with a strong desire to do even more. And Centers Health Care is adding to that by bringing the very latest in training and on-going staff education and a commitment to our residents that goes far beyond a few weeks, months or years as a resident. From independent living to adult day health care, home health care, assisted living, in-patient as well as out-patient therapy and a host of other services, Martine Center and the Centers Health Care family is ready to care for the Westchester community like never before.

The next chapter in our history is just under way. We look forward to continuing Martine Center’s tradition of community service and of making this the finest healthcare facility in the area. We already have the finest staff and the most wonderful community of residents, so we’re well on the way to success.