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  • Shragi Weisz

    Shragi Weisz

    Sometimes the best way to find a proven a leader is to look right in your own backyard, and that’s where we went for a leader of the Martine Center team. As the administrator at our nearby Hope Center, Shragi oversaw the operation of another one of our five-star facilities, so he’s accustomed to expecting excellence and to delivering it. “I spent years in the corporate office helping our team of administrators run their respective facilities, but what I really wanted was to take the reins myself. The opportunity to jump in at Martine was fantastic, but now I truly have a home of my own and I love it here.  Martine Center is unlike any other facility I’ve been in. The residents here have so much promise and the team does such a great job in every way. It’s an honor to be here.” 

    With an approach like that, there’s a lot to look forward to with Shragi at the helm.


  • Larry Kamer

    Larry Kamer
    Director of Rehabilitation

    Larry came to Martine Center after successfully leading our facility in Nanuet to an outstanding record of successful rehabilitation and building a word class team there. Now he’s bringing his talent, enthusiasm and leadership to Martine, along with his personal philosophy of “working the whole patient .“ And that approach will guide the team here to equally impressive success stories. “Most rehab teams will treat the injury and the nursing team will treat the recovery site. But if the patient has other issues that go unchecked they’ll never get back to full independence. I make sure we think about balance, muscle tone, and flexibility, and that we develop a care plan in concert with the nursing team.

    When we send a patient home, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that they’re ready for the challenges of the daily living”. Backed by a great team that shares his philosophy, Larry and his group are out to make Martine Center one of the most successful rehabilitation centers in the region.

  • Lori Gest, LMSW

    Lori Gest, LMSW
    Director of Social Work

    Lori really knows how to put the Centers Health Care spirit of “Heart. Health. Home.” into everything she does. You might say she been developing that spirit all her life. You see, Lori’s grandfather was a nursing home resident when she was born, and she grew up visiting him from the time she was an infant. Now THAT’S a lot of experience. Her mother told her stories of how the residents “all got to hold the baby” and what a difference it made in their lives. Lori is still making a difference in residents’ lives today, although now she's using her degree in social work from Fordham University and nearly 20 years of working in nursing homes. “It takes more than being a cute baby to help people” she likes to say “but visits from babies definitely help! I always tell people, ‘I was born in a nursing home.' I know very well that no one plans to become a nursing home resident, so it’s up to us to make sure they have a wonderful experience. I have a great team to work with here at Martine Center, and that makes it easy to ensure that everyone here enjoys themselves. And if I can resolve a few issues that might be getting in the way of a resident enjoying himself, then I’m thrilled to do so.”

    With leaders like Lori on the team, it’s no wonder our residents love living here.