June 07, 2021

101-year-old Glens Falls woman advises you to stay away from men, alcohol for a long life

A resident of the Glens Falls Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing turned 101 years old last month. NEWS10 sat down with Rose Carella to find out how she made it past a century.

“How do you think the other residents feel about you being 101 years old?” asked Marijo Natale, Recreation Director at Glens Falls Center.

“They’re jealous,” Carella replied.

Carella won’t let envious residents get in the way of her plans for her 101st summer, which consist of playing bingo, listening to Frank Sinatra, and getting a tan.

Despite challenges with her eyesight and hearing, Carella is in good spirits. Having made it through the Spanish Flu and the Coronavirus pandemic, she’s proven her resilience. Last month, the Glens Falls Center celebrated all of their residents with May birthdays, but Rosie stood out.

“Rosie was definitely the oldest. I don’t think anybody else was even in their nineties. Maybe a couple of eighties,” Natale said. “She won that one. Right, Rosie?” Carella agreed.

Carella’s advice for anyone wishing to make it through a whole century is to avoid men, alcohol, and cigarettes. Overall, she wants us all to remember two important words: be good.


As seen on News10.

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