January 30, 2022

Winter Car Essentials


News stories of hundreds of people stranded overnight on a major interstate in Virginia during a snow and ice storm in early 2022 highlighted the importance of being prepared with certain supplies in your vehicle when traveling in the winter.

While you may think that becoming stranded is an unlikely occurrence, it happening in such a highly traveled part of the country should lead everyone to the realization that it can happen to anyone.

Centers Health Care has a checklist of five things to keep in your car during the winter in case you end up in the middle of a snow emergency.

  1. First Things First—Stay in Your Car

Your vehicle is the safest place to be, as it provides shelter, and if you are in a remote area, crews are more likely to find your car than you.

  1. Snow Brush With Ice Scraper and Extendable Handle

This will allow you to remove snow from the windows as well as the hood and roof. Look for a brush with a foam head instead of bristles, as they can remove more snow with less effort and not potentially scratch up your car.

  1. First-Aid Kit

First-aid kits are available that are small enough to fit in a glove compartment. They should contain bandages, wipes, and other items like an emergency whistle and a CPR mask.

  1. Shovel

The best shovel to conserve space is a collapsible one, this way you’re equipped with something in case you need to dig your tires out of the snow or dig your car out of a snowbank.

  1. Emergency Food and Water

Keep at least six bottles of drinking water in your car (not in the unheated trunk), and take a couple ounces out of each one to keep enough room in the bottles in case the water does end up freezing. Also have a couple of boxes of food like granola bars, crackers, and energy bars.

  1. Emergency Heat Sources

At the very least, keep some blankets in the car, but an even better option is a survival candle. These can burn for up to 36 hours and can not only heat your vehicle but provide light as well. Just be sure to have matches on hand!

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