April 18, 2022

Money-Saving Tips Amid Food Costs


Inflation is at levels that we haven’t seen in four decades, and food at the supermarket is no exception.

While we’re having to adjust our budgets in order to complete our weekly lists at the grocery store, there are some tried-and-true ways to save a few bucks while you’re at it in order to offset some of those higher prices.

Centers Health Care has a look at six ways to save money at the supermarket to defray rising food costs.

  1. Look for Manager Markdowns

Manager markdowns can be found in the specialty areas of the supermarket, including the bakery, produce, and meat departments. When meat is getting close to its expiration date, it can often be half price. If you don’t cook the meat immediately, be sure to freeze it.

  1. Buy Generic

Most store-brand products are made from the same ingredients or (in some cases) are identical to their name-brand counterparts. Buying generic throughout the store can save you around 30% on your total bill.

  1. Find Out Which Day New Sales Start

At most supermarkets, this day is Wednesday. You can get your pick of the new sales before they may run out of stock, and several stores will honor last week’s sales too if you ask.

  1. Look for Digital Coupons to Go With Store Flyers

And remember while you clip coupons that most stores will honor coupons and lower prices from other chains.

  1. Sign up for Loyalty Programs

With more and more competition, stores are developing loyalty programs that may allow you to use a card to get lower prices on some items or cash rewards after spending a certain amount inside the store.

  1. Don’t Shop at Just One Store

One store in your area may have better prices on produce while another has cheaper prices for staples like cereal and coffee. Doing a bit of comparison shopping can go a long way when you have a weekly routine established.

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