October 21, 2021

Leyden Johnson: TeleHealth AHI Award Winner

NEW YORK, NY- October 21, 2021 — Bronx-based Centers Health Care , the largest and most complete post-acute health care continuum in New York, with 49 skilled nursing and rehab facilities across the northeast and Midwest, is  proud to announce that Adirondacks Social Worker Leyden Johnson has been awarded the 2021 Telehealth Innovator of the Year by the North Country Telehealth Partnership, which is a program of Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization and Adirondack Health Institute (AHI).


\"Leyden’s strong commitment and dedication to her residents in the Adirondacks is purely seen through Telehealth technology,\" said Kenny Rozenberg, CEO of Centers Health Care.  \"She worked tirelessly to implement the TeleHealth and TelePsych systems, so the communications from doctor to resident and vice-versa with our facilities, from Warren and Washington Counties to Essex County, happens almost instantaneously, doctors can make a general diagnosis and then prescribe meds.\"


Ms. Johnson’s award is special as she has shown to be a pioneer and innovator in the Telehealth and TelePsych spectrum for the Adirondacks region.  Her nomination in the Telehealth industry also portrayed Leyden’s dedication to health care outcomes in post-acute care throughout Centers’ facilities in the Adirondacks and expanding from that region.   There was an online ceremony held on September 15 and the AHI will promote the award via social media on National Rural Health Day (November 18).


\"I am so touched and this is truly a great honor to be given this award,\" said Ms. Johnson.  \"TeleHealth and TelePsych is all about connecting our residents to a physician remotely so to improve and speed up care so better outcomes can be seen sooner.  I wanted to place this innovative health care practice in all of Centers’ Adirondacks facilities and now I’m expanding it to the Capital region, as well as Central and Western New York State.  Today’s technology has allowed us to have the best outcomes possible for our residents.\"


2021 marks Centers Health Care’s 25th year of existence, and this award only touches the surface of the people who work for Centers Health Care, one of the most highly experienced in their perspective fields, plus their commitment and dedication to the residents and families of these 49 locations.  Leyden was only one of three 2021 telehealth innovator awards named by the North Country Telehealth Partnership plus the remainder of the award ceremony consisted of celebrating the six rural health champions named by the Adirondack Rural Health Network.


About Centers Health Care


Centers Health Care is one of the largest and most complete post-acute health care continuums in the northeast. The Centers Health Care family includes nearly 50 skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Kansas. In addition, the Centers continuum includes Home Health Care, Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC), Adult Day Healthcare, Assisted Living, two state-of-the-art Renal Dialysis Centers, and Centers Urgent Care providing walk-in medical care.


More than 24,000 dedicated staffers and caregivers provide for the needs or over 9,000 long-and short-term residents throughout the Centers Health Care family.


For more information, please visit us at https://www.centershealthcare.org


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