June 09, 2021

Northern Riverview Memorial Day Activities

Dance contests and more games!! Residents at Northern Riverview in Haverstraw have taken part dance contests since Memorial Day weekend. Recreation Director Lori Silverstein came up with the idea because it can involve everyone. The idea, she says, it to focus on abilities, not disabilities. She and her department have a small group patio outings daily, with one floor being taken out separately and daily. The department has the residents pick a song to dance to it, and they play it. Anyone who participates is a winner. One of the first contests gathered residents from the fourth floor and everyone had so much fun dancing on the patio. Music from the likes of the Beach Boys Surfin’ Safari and Michael Jackson’s Thriller, to the country sounds of Alan Jackson plus Rick James ever-so-popular Super Freak, residents from all walks of life, including those in wheelchairs and walkers, knew their dance moves. Recreation Department’s Director Lori Silverstein also discussed the meaning of Memorial Day with the residents, she and her team played word scramble, and exercised Super Freak. Two of the residents who loved the contest and all of the Memorial Day activities were 72 year-old Norman Holder and 64 year-old William Kenny Bradley. Mr. Holder from Georgetown and Guyana moved to the US in the 1970s. He worked for the United Nations as a Records Management Assistant in the Archives Department and in the 1980s, he was a professional ping pong player where he played in tournaments throughout many different countries.


As seen on Journal News LoHud.

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