July 20, 2021

Northern Riverview Group Activities Return!

Throughout July of 2021, residents at Northern Riverview in Haverstraw have experienced more of a coming together like we saw during pre-pandemic times when group Bingo, various entertainment events such as singing and reading plus education events were in full motion. These events are taking place in the 4th dining room where there is a lot of room for residents and staff to join together making an event a success. During the pandemic, residents did events solo in their rooms. Now in July 2021, this is back and full form and both Recreation Director Lori Silverstein and Administrator Zevi Lipshitz have made it their goal to bring these coming together events back. Last week, the Recreation team had a fun Rick James “Super Freak” exercise event where more than 20 residents got involved. Additionally, a group Word Unscramble also took place last week where residents figured out the right words from a scramble of letters. Prizes were given out to the winners. Then there was an all-out big ball catch with the group that the 4th floor dining room hosted again. Finally, residents had a blast doing karaoke with the group. Big Ball Catch brings out the best in the athletic residents.


As seen on Iohud Journal news.

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