September 23, 2021

Slate Valley Residents Introduced to “Finish the Phrase”

The staff at Slate Valley Center in Granville introduced a game to residents designed to exercise their minds by recalling common phrases. At the same time, the game brightened their day. “Finish the Phrase!” was intro­duced on Friday, Sept. IO, by recreation director Andrea Kelley and her staff, and residents enjoyed finishing phrases such as “The early bird catches … ” and winning a prize.

If a resident could not finish a particular phrase, he or she was given another phrase to complete.
Staff found the game was best played when recreation staff went to each resident’s room so that other residents wouldn’t hear the phrase and then call out the answer. 89-year -old Estella Corlew from Kingsbury chose a prize for finishing a phrase “A penny saved is . . .”

As seen in the Granville Sentinel

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