September 01, 2021

Washington Center’s Finance & Admissions Director Gets Vaxxed For Her Baseball Father

On September 1, 2021 at Washington Center on State Route 40 in Argyle, New York, the facility’s Finance and Admissions Director Suzanne Stewart-Bassett, got vaccinated for her father, Mr. John Stewart Sr.. Mr. Stewart, who is a happy baseball loving 78-year-old resident at the 122-bed nursing and rehabilitation center, is from Granville, the Washington County town where the family is from.

“I love my dad and, not only did I get vaccinated for myself and for those here at Washington Center, I did it for him,” said Bassett. “He’s a strong 78 year-old but we all have to be careful these days.”

Her father is a hometown hero where he played AAA baseball for San Francisco Giants, later becoming a scout for the Atlanta Braves where he his son, John Jr., played shortly in the Braves organization and also became a scout for the team. John Sr. broke many school sports records in both basketball and track-and-field and he once bowled a 300, later teaching bowling locally in Granville. Mr. Stewart was well-known for his coaching of many sports in the 1970s and 1980s.

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