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  • Jennifer Mastroeni, RN

    Jennifer Mastroeni, RN
    Director of Nursing

    Jennifer launched her nursing career as a CNA at a small nursing home before moving to various local hospitals. At these local hospitals, she worked in both the ICU units and infectious disease control.  Eventually, she moved back to long-term care, or as she likes to say, “I saw the light.” Jennifer knows all there is to know about nursing because she did it all. “I always wanted to be a nurse, and I just kept working my way up. I started as a CNA, then earned my LPN, RN, and finally my BA in nursing. And I loved every minute and every job. You can’t lead a team well if you didn’t do what you’re asking them to do. And having ‘been there’, I’m able to teach the staff more effectively. It helps me relate to everyone.” But being a great care giver isn’t Jennifer’s only qualification.  She’s is a mother of four, with two teenage sons who play football for the USA team of the International Teen Football League. Competitions have brought them literally around the world, to China and next, to Europe. The family loves to travel too, and enjoy the outdoors, so it stands to reason she’s pretty well organized. 

  • Edward

    Edward "Ed" Clearwater, DPT
    Director of Rehabilitation

    Ed received his Bachelor of Science in Clinical Science and a Minor in Psychology from Ithaca College in 2004 and then received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Dominican College in 2009. Ed has been in healthcare for 8 years. Ed loves working at New Paltz Center because of “the interdisciplinary approach to patient care and working as a team to improve quality of care and patient outcomes.” Everyone at New Paltz loves working with Ed because he is able to seamlessly mix running a rehab department that benefits all of his residents, his contagious sense of humor and his constantly giving credit to his staff and never taking successes with patients for himself. In his spare time, Ed enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and snowboarding.