Centers Health Care partner with the Institute of Pressure Injury Prevention to End Bed Sores in 30+ nursing homes

- March 7, 2017

From Left to Right: Avraham Poupko, Dr. Amit Gefen, Dr. Janet Cuddigan, Gvira Milworm, Roya Agahi, Dr. Joyce Black

Striving to make pressure injuries, commonly known as “pressure ulcers” or “bed sores”, a thing of the past, two organizations, Centers Health Care and the Institute For Pressure Injury Prevention (IPIP) held a summit at the Venetian in Garfield, New Jersey on March 7, 2017 designed to educate health care professionals about the clinical and the social day-to-day techniques geared to stop pressure injuries from occurring. Both of these organizations have one major common vital interest and that is to completely put an end to this national and internationally known epidemic. Pressure injuries have become a widespread health tragedy equaling to more than 200,000 cases per year in the United States alone, according to the Mayo Clinic.

We have come together for one common goal and that is to prevent pressure injuries before they occur,” said Roya Agahi, R.N., MsHCM, WCC, Chief Clinical Officer of Centers Health Care. “The goal of our two companies is to eradicate pressure injuries throughout all healthcare facilities.”

Ms. Agahi, along with a number of leaders from the IPIP including Gvira Milworm, Chief Process Officer, Professor Amit Gefen, Ph.D., Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board, and Professors Joyce Black, Ph.D,, RN, and Professor Janet Cuddigan, RN, both from the University of Nebraska presented their expertise in wound care.

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