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The history of the Northern Metropolitan as a part of the Centers Health Care family began in 2012.

We began by investing in necessary operational improvements to the physical plant and even built employee housing for those employees who had significant distance to travel and from work. Then we turned our efforts to the physical therapy suite. The pride of every Centers facility is its commitment to achieving outstanding results in physical, occupational and speech therapy. Keeping our resident physically fit adds immeasurably to their quality of life, keeping them active and mobile and able to take part in so much more. The physical therapy suite was expanded, and completed with the addition of the right equipment and the right staff, transforming it into one of the finest therapy departments in the area. The next chapter in our history is well under way. We've embarked on improvements to the common areas and hallways and a new, more welcoming lobby has been completed and refurbishments to the residential apartments will soon begin. We look forward to continuing the exciting improvements and to making the Northern Metropolitan the finest healthcare facility in the area. We already have the finest staff and the most wonderful community of residents, so we're well on the way to success