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Oneida Center is a complete healthcare facility with a strong emphasis on rehabilitation and recovery.

We offer long term skilled nursing, and an outstanding short term physical, occupational and speech therapy program, adult day health care and an assisted living wing all right on our property. We invite you to scroll through our services to learn more about this very special facility and the Centers Health Care family we are a part of.

Residents of Oneida Center have a wide range of medical support services available to them, in addition to the physical, occupational and speech therapy, on-site physician and dental services, we provide.

Clinical Services

  • Amputee Recovery and Training

  • Comfort Care & Palliative Care

  • Complex Medical Care

  • Enteral Nutrition Therapy (ENT)

  • IV Antibiotic Therapy

  • Post-Surgical Orthopedic Care

  • Respiratory Management

  • Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Tracheostomy Care

  • Wound Care

  • Wound Vac

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It’s hard to decide which aspect of Oneida is “best”, but certainly a source of great pride at Oneida Center is our reputation for amazing physical, occupational and speech therapy. Helping our short term residents return to full independence sooner and more completely drives this team to excellence. And keeping our residents physically fit promotes a longer, healthier, happier life.

We offer therapy six days a week in a state of the art facility where our team of professionals employ the latest techniques and equipment to achieve startling results. And each participant works one on one with their therapist during each session. Every patient has a custom plan developed just for them. That plan considers your doctor’s instructions, your pre-surgical condition or physical abilities when you arrive, your post-surgical condition, individual goals, tolerance for discomfort during therapy, personal attitude and more.

The rewards of therapy, even when it’s difficult, are priceless and we make every effort to see that therapy sessions are productive yet enjoyable. At Oneida, we “work the whole patient”. We do more than the focused rehabilitation prescribed by your doctor. We work with each patient to improve muscle tone and strength, joint mobility, posture, cardio-vascular and pulmonary function, mobility and pain relief. And we make sure that our patients regain as many of the skills they’ll need for independent living as possible.


  • Cardiac Therapy

  • Stroke Rehabilitation

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We encourage residents to decorate their rooms and to make their space an expression of themselves, just like any other home. And we do our part to make everyone’s life as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Both short and long-term residents enjoy all of this, and more:

Therapeutic recreation, which is both enjoyable and engaging. Developed collaboratively between our therapy and recreation teams, it furthers physical and occupational therapy and makes it a fun part of daily life here.

A discreet security system ensures that the building is safe from unauthorized entry. It also protects those residents who need careful monitoring from finding themselves in an unfamiliar area of the building, or off the grounds.

A full time activities staff. And we think they’re one of the best. Not only are our residents busy with activities, hobbies, shows and outings, but Oneida Center welcomes family members and community residents alike to join us at special events. Our secure, manicured grounds with a resident garden, barbecue grills, and plenty of space to relax is perfect for enjoying the fresh air with good friends. And because it’s perfectly secure, residents are able to enjoy it whenever they like.

Of course we provide toiletries and bath amenities, the services of a beautician and barber, complimentary laundry service, wi-fi and cable television for each resident.


  • Complimentary WiFi

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