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  • Alan Blier, LNHA

    Alan Blier, LNHA

    Alan is just the kind of guy that a place like Onondaga Center needs. Alan is a little bit administrator, a little bit entertainer, a little bit teacher, a little bit mentor, but most of all, he’s a good friend and a dedicated caregiver who never fails to put his residents and their needs first. He also has plenty of experience –more than 20 years as a nursing home administrator. “Onondaga Center is the perfect fit for me. I wanted to find a place where I could get to know everyone personally, residents, family members and staff. You can really make a difference to people that way, and Onondaga lets me do exactly that.” Alan has been making a difference in people’s lives ever since. And he likes the neighborhood. “I’m from Maine so I love the fresh air and outdoors, and here I get to indulge in two of my favorite pastimes, hiking and cycling”.   Yep. Alan’s a perfect fit on every level.  When you stop in, make it a point to meet him. You’ll be glad you did.

  • James Paul Cannon, RN

    James Paul Cannon, RN
    Director of Nursing

    James is an RN who has probably seen more diverse cases than any other nurse in a skilled nursing facility. And he pairs that with extensive leadership experience that makes him the perfect DON. How did he get to that point? Easy. A degree in nursing, twelve years in the U.S. Army rising to the rank of Captain, hospital emergency room service, training in Psych treatment, Burn care, Peer reviews and training as well as long term care experience in facilites with as many 500 residents, infection control experience … well, you get the idea. This is a nurse who has done it all, at the bedside, in the classroom, and in the office. We’re lucky to have a pro like James leading our nursing team, and so are the nurses who work under him. But the real lucky ones are our residents, because they’re getting the best care anywhere!

  • Mike Zaccaria, PT

    Mike Zaccaria, PT
    Director of Rehabilitation

    After receiving his Masters in Physical Therapy from Nazareth College, Mike came straight to Onondaga Center to start his career. He was only planning on staying for a year and then switching fields to sports medicine, but that didn’t happen. Why not? “Because I just loved what I was doing. I love helping people and giving on a personal level.” Mike has been giving to the residents of Onondaga Center for over a decade now and he really enjoys getting to know the residents and their families. The reason he loves Onondaga is because it is in a smaller area and feels like home because he knows each person there extremely well. When Mike isn’t helping the residents get back in shape, he enjoys golfing, but his true passion is spending time with his kids. Oh, and if you meet him, ask him about Hopper, his rabbit.

  • Molly Messinger, LSW

    Molly Messinger, LSW
    Director of Social Services

    Residents, family members and employees alike all say that hearing Molly coming down the hall is like music to their ears. You might that’s because she is an accomplished cellist who has been studying and playing the cello for more than 12 years. But that’s only part of it. While she studied music in college, her true educational passion was psychology, which she credits for preparing her for a career in long term care social work. “Despite the fact that we have a wonderful home that’s filled with happy, healthy residents enjoying their lives, moving in is still a stressful experience. I love being able to help people overcome their concerns and see the occasion as one that is exciting, and the start of something very special." Is it any wonder that so any tell us that moving in and becoming part of the community here was a breeze? We think not. And that, is music to our ears.

  • Amy Gannon, CTRS

    Amy Gannon, CTRS
    Director of Recreation

    At Onondaga Center, we take having a good time and enjoying life seriously. Very seriously! And no one is more serious about it than Amy Gannon. Amy is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist with over 20 years’ experience in long term care, adult day care and assisted living. Some folks think that recreation is all fun and games, and for our residents it may seem that way. But that’s only because Amy and her team are so good at doing what they do. They can turn the most critical therapeutic activities into a barrel of fun. They help ensure that that a variety of therapies take place all day, and not just for a few hours in the physical therapy suite. Where some people see a craft activity, Amy sees occupational therapy. And wherever people see Amy, they see a good time being had by everyone around her.