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That depends on several factors, beginning with where you’re coming from. If a hospital patient is transferring directly to the Onondaga Center, the hospital’s discharge planner will work with our admissions counselors to expedite the move. Usually within a matter of days we can accept the resident. If you are planning to join us from home, or from out of state, our admissions counselor will work directly with you to manage the admissions process. That begins with a state required assessment called a Patient Review Instrument (PRI) which is valid for 90 days from the time it is issued. Once the PRI and application are approved, admissions are usually accomplished within 24-48 hours.

This is a document that is required in New York State for all admissions to a skilled nursing or rehabilitation facility. The law requires that it be completed by a registered nurse assessor and the document tells us exactly what the potential resident’s needs and abilities are. If you don’t have a valid PRI yet and need assistance, our admissions counselor can provide you with a list of qualified nurse assessors.

All Centers Health Care facilities are open for visitation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the best times to visit at any facility are between the hours of 9 AM and 9PM when residents are awake, eager to entertain visitors, and when your visit will be unlikely to disrupt other residents. In addition, we have many opportunities for families to visit on special occasions, holidays, to attend summer barbecues, and more. If you provide us with your contact information we will notify of all those events in advance

The number of residents at the Onondaga Center changes frequently, since we regularly release short term rehabilitation residents who have completed their therapy. However, from time to time we may be at full capacity and in those instances, there could be a brief wait for admittance. Submitting your application as early as possible is the best way to ensure that we will have a bed available for you in the desired date.

Onondaga Center accepts Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and privately paying residents, though the vast majority of our residents’ expenses are paid by either Medicare or Medicaid. Individual costs are based on a variety factors, but primarily on the type of room (single/double/multi-bed) and the level of care each resident requires. The cost varies depending upon the services required. One of our admissions counselors would be happy to note the conditions that apply to your particular case, evaluate the insurance coverage available to you, and discuss your personal situation in detail, with no obligation whatsoever.

We accept Medicaid-pending residents under most circumstances. Our admissions counselor can review your personal situation and our guidelines to see if you qualify for a Medicaid-pending admission.

Absolutely. We welcome all patients regardless of how they are paying for services.

Of course. This is our residents’ home and like the home they lived in before moving here, they are free to come and go. However, we are subject to the doctor’s orders that apply to every resident. Providing that the visit is within your doctor’s instruction and is appropriately safe, there are no restrictions.

Within our facilities, rehabilitation and therapy are only provided to resident patients. However, our social work department can assist you with arrangements for home care, medical supplies and any other post-release requirements you may have.

No. Every resident is unique and their individual care plans proceed according to their condition, needs and goals. Residents undergoing rehabilitation at any of our facilities stay only as long as it takes them to regain their full independence.

While some residents pay privately or through private insurance, the majority of sub-acute residents’ expenses are covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Our admissions counselors can assist you with any specific financing questions applying to your situation.

Residential life at Onondaga Center will continue as it always has. No one will be asked to leave, no one will be moved, and the cost of the facility will not change. Individual arrangements for payment will be transferred to us and will continue as usual. Over time, we plan a number of improvements to the facility and to other aspects of life at Onondaga Center that we believe will improve the quality of life for every resident and we’ll share those plans with you as they develop.

As soon as we are legally permitted to do so, we will begin a careful, methodical assessment of the building, the characteristics of its residents and the immediate and anticipated needs of the community. Some improvements are important but less visible, such as an improvement to the boiler system. These types of improvements have a daily impact on our residents’ quality of life but are much less visible than things like a new lobby. Until our assessment is completed and plans proposed, we cannot say how long or when various improvements will begin.

We pride ourselves on being a good friend to local business. Existing contracts will be honored, though there may be a few aspects of our business that will eventually come under our Centralized system. We do make every effort where possible to rely on local suppliers. As one example, the majority of our renovation work is awarded to local contractors, as is the sourcing of most materials.

When Centers Health Care welcomes a new facility to the family, we welcome residents, their families, and staff alike. Sometimes there are staff changes due to employees who choose to use a change in ownership as an opportunity to retire or change jobs, or through implementation of industry best practices, but in most cases, there are a far fewer staff changes than people expect. At this time, no specific employment decisions have been made, and when we do make them it’s only after careful consideration.

Absolutely. Centers Health Care accepts Medicaid patients in all of our facilities.