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  • Philip Buchsbaum, LNHA

    Philip Buchsbaum, LNHA

    Phil is a man of many talents, but by far his greatest is running a multi-faceted healthcare complex, and doing it flawlessly. Phil has built a team of experts that are equally adept at complex medical care as they are at making sure everyone here has a good time. His dedication, devotion and compassion are matched only by his attention to detail. Nothing gets by Phil. Not the even the smallest detail. The Richmond Center campus runs so smoothly that he still finds time to pursue his personal passion – rock ‘n roll music!

  • Marsha Ashby, RN

    Marsha Ashby, RN
    Director of Nursing

    “I love the challenge” is the quick response from Marsha when asked how she can keep up with the health care demands of a campus with the diversity and breadth of the Richmond Center. “And I love being a nurse. We have lots of nursing home residents here who are very independent and don’t need a lot of skilled nursing. And then we have patients that are restricted to a ventilator, or are recovering from a traumatic brain injury, and they require hospital-level care 24/7. And we have a team here that can do it all”. We have no doubt that Marsha’s leadership, and can-do attitude is one of the reasons that the Richmond Center has earned such an outstanding reputation among hospitals, caregivers and families.

  • Iris Goldstein, PT

    Iris Goldstein, PT
    Director of Therapy

    Iris Goldstein has been at the Richmond Center for nearly twenty five years. After starting her career at Brookdale Hospital and then to St. Elizabeth’s where she remained until 2102 when the Richmond Center become part of the Centers Health Care family. There may even be some truth to the rumor that Centers added a facility on Staten Island just to get Iris Goldstein. She is the “mother hen” to hundreds of residents and knows them all by name, mentor to a team of energetic therapists and life coach to friends and co-workers. Plus, she does it all while running a state-of-the-art rehabilitation department, where she not only participates in developing the care plans for each patient, she is a hands-on therapist as well. And she does it all with a smile. The only time you can expect to see Iris sad are those bittersweet days when she says good-bye to a resident who became a treasured friend in the therapy department and is walking out of the Richmond Center to return to their own home.

  • George DaSilva, MSW

    George DaSilva, MSW
    Director of Social Services

    “Finally!” That’s how everyone here greeted George when he became our Director of Social Services. According to Richmond’s administrator, “Sometimes getting just the right fit takes a little extra work, but it was worth it”. And just the right fit was George, who began his Centers career in the Bronx, then moved to Queens and most recently was at the Neurobehavioral Center right here in Richmond. From the prestigious Wurzweiler School of Social Work and through several Centers facilities, George has used his passion for family, travel and sports to make lifelong connections with scores of residents and their families. “I grew up in suburban New Jersey, in a Brazilian family, and I think that’s why I find it so easy to relate to people of all cultures. Or else I just make friends easily!” says George. And he’s right about that. George is one of the easiest people to be friends with, and as our social services director, he may be one of the first people you meet here at Richmond. Lucky you!