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Residents of the Richmond Center have a wide range of medical support services available to them, in addition to the physical, occupational and speech therapy, on-site physician and dental services, and on-site renal dialysis we provide.

Clinical Services

  • 24-Hour Nursing Care

  • Adult Day Care

  • Amputee Recovery and Training

  • Cardiac Therapy

  • Comfort Care & Palliative Care

  • Complex Medical Care

  • Enteral Nutrition Therapy (ENT)

  • IV Antibiotic Therapy

  • Isolation Rooms

  • Life Vest

  • Methadone Program

  • Non-Invasive Vents

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Open heart surgery and valve replacement recovery

  • Oxygen Management

  • PICC Management

  • Physical Therapy

  • Pleurex Management

  • Post-Surgical Orthopedic Care

  • Psychiatric services

  • Respiratory Management

  • Speech Therapy

  • Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Therapy

  • Tracheostomy Care

  • Ventilator Care

  • Wound Care

  • Wound Vac

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We’re committed to Recovery and Rehabilitation

The pride of Richmond Center is our reputation for amazing physical, occupational and speech therapy. Helping our short term residents return to full independence sooner and more completely drives this team to excellence. And keeping our residents physically fit promotes a longer, healthier, happier life.

We offer therapy six days a week in a brand new state of the art facility where our team of professionals employ the latest techniques and equipment to achieve startling results. And each participant works one on one with their therapist during each session. Every patient has a custom plan developed just for them. That plan considers your doctor’s instructions, your pre-surgical condition or physical abilities when you arrive, your post-surgical condition, individual goals, tolerance for discomfort during therapy, personal attitude and more.

The rewards of therapy, even when it’s difficult, are priceless and we make every effort to see that therapy sessions are productive yet enjoyable. At Richmond we “work the whole patient”. We do more than the focused rehabilitation prescribed by your doctor. We work with each patient to improve muscle tone and strength, joint mobility, posture, cardio-vascular and pulmonary function, mobility and pain relief. And we make sure that our patients regain as many of the skills they’ll need for independent living as possible.


  • Cardiac Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy

  • Speech Therapy

  • Stroke Rehabilitation

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The Richmond Center Adult Day Healthcare program was established with one purpose in mind; to create a warm, caring place where people living with HIV/AIDS, suffering from mental illness or substance abuse can receive the kind of compassionate, comprehensive care that their families and care-givers aren’t always to provide.

Here we provide a complete medical day program that is second to none. Every member of our highly trained staff, including a dedicated social worker, registered nurse and substance abuse counselor, was selected for the unique blend of professional talent and heartfelt compassion that they exhibit every day.

Our program operates Monday through Friday from 9AM until 4PM and we provide for our members’’ transportation. Beyond our commitment to providing a state-of-the-art facility, we take every step to build meaningful personal relationships with the people in our care. At the Richmond Center, we care for the whole person, body mind and spirit, and in so doing we are defining the way health care is delivered to this underserved population.

In addition to two delicious, nutritionally balanced hot meals each day (breakfast and lunch) we provide comprehensive day care that includes

Health Care Monitoring
Mental Health Support
Substance Abuse Counseling
Case Management
Housing Assistance
Nutritional Planning
Specialized Referral Service
Food Pantry
Laundry Services
Religious Services
Exercise & Fitness Training
Therapeutic Massage
Reiki & Acupuncture
Patient Advocacy Services
Recreation/Art Therapy

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A world class treatment facility

The Richmond Center Neuro Psych unit was one of the few places where nursing home patients who suffered from serious mental illness were welcomed, cared for properly, and treated with the same dignity and respect that we all expect.

Once in that environment, surrounded by trained professionals and medical staff, our patients began making notable strides, and we knew we could do more. From those beginnings came the Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery Center at the Richmond Center. Here, patients from all across the northeast come to complete the long journey from hospital care to a return to full independence. And they do return to full independence. The TBI unit at Richmond Center has an outstanding record of success with patients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries as a result of accidents, surgery, or other causes.

Working in concert, our social work, therapy (physical, occupational and speech), activities, psychology and skilled nursing teams coax full recovery from our patients in an environment tailored especially to their needs. When ready, our team transitions these patients to our neighboring nursing home, where they can safely assimilate back to a more independent life, without yet fully leaving the “safety net” our TBI team created for them. When their recovery is complete, they are released back to their own communities, with continuing home care provided by Centers Home Care, when necessary.

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We’re invested in our patients’ comfort and well-being

In our 28 bed, state-of-the-art ventilator unit we provide for the special needs of patients who require ventilator care due to an injury, chronic disease or other respiratory complications. We’ve created a pleasant environment emphasizing excellence in healthcare and a multidisciplinary approach to each patient’s treatment.

A dedicated staff of respiratory therapists and skilled nurses trained in the specialized equipment used in a ventilator unit monitor all of our residents 24-hours a day. But most important, our staff seamlessly blends empathy with expertise to bring just the right blend of care and comfort into everyone’s life.

Rooms here are spacious and homey and the environment is relaxing. Our more mobile residents are encouraged to use the day-room, surf the web in any of our Resident-only computer stations located throughout the property, and enjoy the activities and the company of other residents indoors and out.

If a patient is on a permanent ventilator, then our goal is to ensure that the limitations imposed by their dependence interfere as little as possible with their quality of life. For others, we have one goal - get you to the day when you no longer need us. Our care plans are written to try and reduce ventilator dependency as safely and quickly as possible, and get our patients breathing on their own again.

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We never lose sight of the fact that this facility is the home of nearly 300 people, little different from a mid-sized apartment building.

We encourage residents to decorate their rooms and to make their space an expression of themselves. And we do our part to make everyone’s life as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Both short and long-term residents enjoy all of this, and more:

A beautifully landscaped enclosed courtyard. Our manicured lawns are perfect for bare feet in the summer, and when it gets too sunny, tables and benches in the cool breeze blowing under the trees keep everyone refreshed. In winter, residents find sun and warmth, along with plenty of healthy plants, in our rooftop atrium, where winter events and parties are a regular part of the Richmond schedule.

Therapeutic recreation is both enjoyable and engaging. Developed in a collaboration of our therapy and recreation teams, it furthers physical and occupational therapy and makes it a fun part of daily life here.

Courtesy transportation is provided by our own fleet of custom vans, to take residents to outside medical appointments, outings, and even to pick up family members who need a ride to come and visit a resident.

An on-premises beautician barber shop.

A discreet security system that ensures that the building is safe from unauthorized entry. It also protects those residents who need careful monitoring from finding themselves in an unfamiliar area of the building, or off the grounds.

And of course we provide toiletries and bath amenities, the services of a beautician and barber, complimentary laundry service, wi-fi and individual cable television for each resident.


  • 5 Star Accommodations

  • Complimentary Bedside Phone

  • Complimentary TV Service

  • Complimentary WiFi

  • Family Meals

  • Private Rooms Available

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The CHC Continuum

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