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  • Lisa Marrello, LNHA

    Lisa Marrello, LNHA

    From a young age, Lisa knew that she was going to be a nursing home administrator. Growing up in long-term care is probably what gives her that unique attention to detail and fun-loving attitude that contributes to her tremendous success at Schenectady Center. There is always so much going on at Schenectady that it’s almost impossible that you’ll find Lisa in her office, she’s too busy talking to the residents and staff and making sure everything is running smoothly in a hands-on way. And that’s why she loves working there because of her “great team of staff.”

    In her spare time, which doesn’t really exist, she plays guitar and is a marathon runner, which is good because she is always running around at the Schenectady Center.

  • Beth Phelps

    Beth Phelps
    Director of Rehabilitation

    There’s a rumor that Centers Heath Care acquired Schenectady Center just so that we could get Beth Phelps on our therapy team. That’s only partially true.  Beth oversees one of the finest therapy facilities in central New York. With the very latest in equipment and procedures, Beth leads a team that balances physical, occupational and speech therapy. These three areas of therapy are often combined in an untiring effort to achieve the very highest levels of success with every resident. As soon as you enter “her” rehab gym, you’ll feel Beth’s positive presence. The attitude of residents and staff alike is always positive, the mood is upbeat, and the whole place seems to tingle with the vibration of success. “I love therapy. I love to deliver it, I love to teach it, I love to advance it.”  That’s what we look for a therapist, and in Beth, we got all we hoped for. 

    When she isn’t helping our residents, she’s keeping herself in shape playing competitive volleyball, raising a family, and helping spread the success of Schenectady Center’s rehab program to other Centers Health Care facilities in the region. Hey, we don’t mind sharing her, but we’re not letting her go! 

  • Leyden Johnson, LMSW

    Leyden Johnson, LMSW
    Director of Social Services

    Leyden is one of many “gems” here at Schenectady Center. Not only is she an outstanding social worker, but she is engaged in her personal passion - caring for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia - by doubling as the social worker for Willow, our memory care unit. “Each day I do what I love. I help settle people into the routine here, I get to meet their families and provide them with assistance as well – transitioning a loved one here and helping out with special arrangements when a rehab resident is ready to be discharged – and I know that my input is essential to every residents’ person-centered plan of care. It’s the most fulfilling job anyone could hope for." And Leyden is the kind of social worker every skilled nursing facility could hope for, too.

  • Kristen Pidgeon, ADC, B.A.

    Kristen Pidgeon, ADC, B.A.
    Recreation Director

    Just because Kristen’s job is all about having fun, doesn’t mean she isn’t one of the hardest working people here at Schenectady Center. After all, making sure that 240 people all enjoy themselves, every day, and that everyone’s needs are met, takes someone who is part teacher, part sociologist, part therapist, part friend and full-time juggler. And that description fits Kristen to a “T”. With 12 years a recreation director, national certification as an activities director and a degree in psychology, she has all the education needed to do the job. With 14 years’ experience in the field of therapeutic recreation, she has all the background, too. Kristen has built a leisure environment here that embodies fun, learning, exploration and most of all, inclusion. No matter the residents’ needs, Kristen has them met, every day, all day. And how does she keep her cool through it all? Meditation, yoga, and quiet time on the beach with her family. Now that’s someone who knows how to have a good time.