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The history of Slate Valley Center as a part of the Centers Health Care family has just begun.

Previously named The Orchard, we are so excited to have this strong community facility join our family. Though our history with Centers Health Care is still brief, our history as a vital part of our community and or contribution to the people we serve is many years long. The addition of Slate Valley Center brings another outstanding facility to the Adirondack Region of the Centers Health Care family which now numbers more than 40 facilities in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. It’s now more convenient than ever for people from throughout the Adirondack Region to take advantage of all we offer. But more important, the outstanding staff and wonderful group of residents that have joined us add immeasurably to the fabric of the Centers Health Care family.

A homey and well-maintained facility, Slate Valley Center brings their unique brand of compassionate care and impressive resident and family satisfaction ratings to us along with a strong desire to do even more. And Centers Health Care is adding to that by doing bringing the very latest in training and on-going staff education and a commitment to our residents that goes far beyond a few weeks, months or years as a resident. From the day you arrive, you'll be a part of a lifestyle that will make this chapter of your life something truly special.

This next chapter in our history is just under way. We look forward to continuing Slate Valley Center’s tradition of community service and of making this the finest healthcare facility in the area. We already have the finest staff and the most wonderful community of residents, so we’re well on the way to success.

We've embarked on improvements to the common areas and hallways and a new, more welcoming lobby has been completed and refurbishments to the residential apartments will soon begin.