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The Triboro Center was brought into the Centers Health Care family in 2013.

The facility was originally a religious home and had not been significantly upgraded in more than 40 years. As soon as the financially troubled facility joined the Centers Healthcare family, its transformation to a premier facility began. Improvements to the physical plant and upgrading operational facets were the first priority and they continue today. Then came an extensive study by the Centers Health Care Planning, Design and Development team. Concepts for renovating the lobby and common areas along with a plan to refurbish all resident rooms over the coming years was put into place and work began immediately.

The history of the “new” Triboro Center is being written every day. The opening of the Triboro Center Assisted Living Program, a brand new facility located within the Triboro Center building is just one example of what the future holds for the Triboro Center and the residents who make their home with us.

A new lobby now welcomes resident and guests and an overhaul of the common areas on the second floor including the residents’ activity room and space for regular church services is under way. Plans are approved for the refurbishing of resident rooms on a floor by floor basis so as not to cause any undue upset to resident’s current routines.

After investing millions of dollars we will be able to boast a fully renovated facility, with charming rooms and comfortable common areas, and a spectacular roof-top courtyard. Add in what may be the finest skilled nursing facility in the Bronx and it’s easy to see our ongoing commitment to the residents of the Triboro Center and the community we serve.