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  • Shmuel Meir Berger, LNHA

    Shmuel Meir Berger, LNHA

    “The real goal here is to enable people, to show them that they have options, and to help everyone live their life to the fullest. We only get one turn, so we should get all we can form it.” That’s how Shmuel describes his guiding philosophy, and we couldn’t agree more. And Shmuel accomplishes this by being a teacher, both to his staff and to his residents. “I taught school for six years, and it’s amazing to see people’s lives change as they become more aware and their minds open up. My role here is very similar. I’m still a teacher, helping residents and their families discover and understand new ways to approach each day so that they can enjoy life to the fullest, in the healthiest way possible. I love teaching my staff how to better do what they love and watching them in action, caring for residents, helping residents heal, keeping them healthy and happy.”

    Shmuel likes to call himself a teacher, but he’s a lot more than that; coach, counselor, mentor, and singer. Yes, singer. He’s a guitar player too, and he's been known to break out the strings and give our residents a song on special occasions, or just to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one. And every night, he sings to his four delightful little children. “I sing to them every night before they go to sleep, whether I'm at home with them, in my car commuting, or still here at New Paltz Center.”   

    Sometimes a great story about a great administrator just tells itself. Like this one.  

  • Maureen Lammon

    Maureen Lammon
    Director of Rehabilitation

    Maureen graduated from Russell Sage College in 1993 with a degree in Physical Therapy and Athletic Training. She is an 11 year veteran of the facility, the proud mother of three children, and the varsity girls lacrosse coach at Catholic Central in Troy. She is excited to take on a new challenge as Director of Rehabilitation at Troy Center with a great team of PT’s, OT’s and Speech Therapists. She says "I get great joy in helping our residents gain independence and enjoy life to the fullest!"

  • Billie Jo Sass

    Billie Jo Sass
    Recreation Director

    “Let’s have fun today!” That’s how Billie Jo starts the day here at Troy Center, and she has never let anyone down. “I’ve been in healthcare for nine years, and the six years that have been spent as a recreation director have shown me how important having fun is to leading a healthy life. I love working with the elderly. They’re always interested in new things, and they always bring a special perspective to what we do, sharing memories and even ideas for new activities that they enjoyed throughout their lives. I’m blessed to be in a profession that allows me to bring joy to people’s lives every day”. And that says all the important things there are to say about Billie Jo. We think you’ll agree.