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The University Center was brought into the Centers Health Care family in 2001.

It was our third facility and enjoys a special place in our company’s history. The building was originally built as a private home and during its life it served as the residence of the local University President, later housing department offices, until it was sold in 2001. Converting a private home into a residential building that would house dozens of people was clearly no easy task, and required adding a commercial kitchen and other major structural modifications. In 2001, when the facility became a part of the Centers Health Care family, considerable additional work was required to bring it up to our standards. Fortunately preserving the cozy, intimate feel was important to our design team, but nonetheless working in such small spaces was challenging, but our team was up to the task.

Upgraded resident rooms, refurbished halls and bathroom facilities, and a new common area for recreational activities were all part of the plan that converted the building to its present warm, pleasant atmosphere.

But the real history of the University Center is being written every day. It’s the history of success. It’s our residents’ history of living their lives to the fullest. It’s a history we look forward to writing with you.