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The Williamsbridge Center occupies a very special place in the history of Centers Health Care, because this is where it all started. The Williamsbridge Center began the history of Centers Health Care in 1996. The facility was struggling and the building was in need of upgrades in many areas. Over the years we have refurbished residential rooms, common areas and offices, and done extensive improvements to the physical plant for the comfort and safety of our residents. Many of the talented professionals who began the Williamsbridge Center with us are still there, and others have gone on to become “Centers Stars” in other locations after honing their skills at Williamsbridge.

Today the small, neighborhood feel is still prevalent within the facility and on the grounds of the building where residents gather to enjoy the lawn, often dining outside in warmer months. We continue to take steps to add to our residents’’ comfort and convenience wherever we can, and we’ve preserved the cozy, intimate feel that has always made the Williamsbridge Center such a special place.